Covid 19 Resources

Latest NY State Novel COVID Updates

Here is the latest update from NY State on What You Need to Know about COVID 19.

Receive Updates​

For updates from NYC in English: textCOVID’ to 692-692.

For updates from NYC in Spanish: textCOVIDESP’ to 692-692.

For updates from NYS: textNEW YORK’ to 81336.

In-home Vaccination Program

Homebound NYC residents can be eligible for the in-home vaccination program. This program provides the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine to those who are homebound, have not previously been vaccinated, and do not have access to a vaccination program.  The City will use information from the below form to call back and further discuss eligibility for the program.

Restaurant Revitalization Award Portal

SBA is releasing funds for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund to assist restaurants, bars, and other businesses impacted by COVID 19. Applications opened May 3rd.

COVID-19 Assistance & Guidance for Businesses

 The City released Adapting Your Small Business Playbook, organized tools, strategies, and a multi-session workshop series hosting business experts to help entrepreneurs stabilize their business, protect their staff and customers, and build and grow beyond the pandemic.

The City is hiring 2,000 New Yorkers to support city-wide vaccination efforts. No prior healthcare experience is necessary for positions such as site management, operations, and client services.

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