Policy Guide


Victoria’s Plan for Protecting Our Environment

I’ll put people to work fighting climate change, allocate our resources to cleaning up current toxic sites, and ensure that our neighborhoods are safe and accessible for the future, so that you and your children can have a future worth living here in the district. 


Victoria’s Plan for Land Use

Everyone knows that real estate interests and their politicians control the land in New York City.  Here’s how I’ll change that:

Victoria’s Plan for Economic RecoverY

Instead of extreme budget cuts to the most needed sectors, the economic recovery from COVID can only be achieved through New Deal-type infrastructure spending, which will put money back into your pocket and expand the City’s tax base. 


Victoria’s Plan For Civil Rights

I’ll prioritize civil rights so that all District 33 residents can proudly live in peace and security.

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Victoria’s Plan for RenT

Rent is an issue that requires City, State, and Federal legislators to be on the same page.  Here’s how I’ll do my part, and what I’ll ask the State and Federal governments to do to reinforce local laws.


Victoria’s Plan for Policing

Our criminal justice system doesn’t work for everyone, and we can’t rely on police officers to fix our social problems.


Victoria’s Plan for Social Services

Social Services are there to catch people when they fall.  In light of everything that’s happened in the last year, it’s essential that these programs aren’t cut, because they affect all our daily lives in one way or another.