Top 3 Issues


Considerate Construction Plan

The Considerate Construction Plan encompasses three main points:



A moratorium on all new rezonings and spot zonings, and a review of past rezonings for negative impacts on demographics, sustainability and future planning.

Responsible Construction

A Green construction initiative that will mandate sustainable practices/materials that respond to quality of life issues within new construction.

Mandatory Inclusionary Housing

Reform of the MIH program of affordable housing to ensure that proper AMI (Area Median Income) is established, longstanding communities have precedence on new housing, and investment in Section 9 NYCHA housing is prioritized across Federal, State and City agencies to prevent the privatization of public assets. The promotion of community-based initiatives such as cooperative housing, community land trusts & 100% publicly built affordable housing would replace subsidies given to the private sector.


Public Safety

The Public Safety plan includes three main areas of focus, which are equally important in tackling discrimination, abuse and bodily harm in our community:


No New Jails

The legacy of incarceration that this $10b dollar project will bring to our Boroughs will last five generations, and perpetuate a culture of discrimination against BIPOC and immigrants that our City has suffered under for centuries. This legacy must be dealt with in a comprehensive way, not only as a land use issue, to put this funding into the community based groups that work towards creating a City that is livable, safe and equitable in its division of resources to those communities that need it most.

NYPD Reform

Through their own admission, the Police Academy provides statistics that justify cutting their own budget by much more than $1b a year. 60% of the cases responded to in NYC are considered mental health crises, which require medical attention, not guns and tasers. We must also fix legislative omissions in areas of domestic violence, terrorism and surveillance that are putting people in danger everyday.

Hate Groups

The NYPD faces a large problem in dealing with domestic terrorism and the growth of white supremacy groups within our City. The NYPD has not done enough to police these groups, who continue to terrorize our neighborhoods on a daily level. I am demanding greater scrutiny of the terrorist activities of these groups, who have been planning violence against our City for many years, and to take a proactive approach to fighting hate so that we don't have to offer thoughts and prayers once it is too late.


Sustainable Infrastructure

A Local Green New Deal from Greenpoint to Gowanus will create a comprehensive plan of action to tackle climate change locally, including:


Combat Pollution

We must shore up our waterfront against rising sea levels with sustainable construction practices, proper infrastructure planning and a reduction in the combined sewer overflow issues that continue to pollute our waterways. We must also step up where the EPA has dropped the ball, and ensure air quality levels are monitored properly, emissions are decreased, and our energy grid begins conversion to meet Climate Change deadlines.

Green Tech

Investments in Green technology sectors like solar, urban farming and eco-building materials to ensure our buildings are decreasing their carbon footprint.

Green Collar Job

Investing in green public projects that will bring thousands of union manufacturing and construction jobs to rethink our crumbling BQE, roads, bridges and other public assets. 

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